Truth removes fear….

How to prevent corruption:

Corruption creates fear..But once you are used to this fear it gives u the confidence to do more bad work.

We are all on the first stage and going to later like most of the politicians.

Why fear? If you do wrong things fear comes automatically, its nature’s law. But why we do wrong things? Is it the system which makes us to do the  wrong things.

In India the notion is now that 99% people are corrupt and the remaining 1% is not getting a chance.

Truth removes fear….

Many people dont want to get corrupt, but the system is making so.

Lets discuss few ways which will remove fear and give the power to speak up.


1) Lets take from the basic salary structure of service class:

a) Conveyance which is tax free and no need to submit any docs: excellent. but why not for others.
Why for LTA, medical, HRA we need to submit bills.
Either make it tax free item as we are earning huge tax now or in a minimum fixed tax bracket. The people in higher tax bracket feels simply submitting the receipt can help them to save lots of tax and here it creates corruption. The fake real bills from shop keepers who too get corrupt for money by this act.

2) Dont pay bribe till you can manage (as sometimes it become very difficult)

3) More liability from everyone on money as well as work.

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